Another Free Feature for Hostgator Customers

If you have been a Hostgator customer for the last several years, then this may not be news to you. But, a little-known feature is now part of the freebies that Hostgator lavishes on clients. This is a toll-free number that is part of the shared hosting plans. It is a great way to lend an air of professionalism to their site.  It shows that they are very open with their customers; customers tend to trust businesses more if they have a posted toll-free number online.

You get a great deal with Hostgator by utilizing a Hostgator coupon  that saves you money. Having a toll-free number is just a better way to end up closing more deals with your clients, and it also gives you a great competitive spot in the marketplace.

You save money with a Hostgator coupon code but you also get free features that you will greatly appreciate. You get their award-winning customer service, free domains and sub-domains, and many more extras. Imagine how this number will increase your business.

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